10 Must-Know iPhone Hacks and Tricks

All you iPhone addicts out there, we’re pretty sure you know many handy tricks on the iPhone and have great fun deploying them too! Now with iOS 12 on the dock too, we are sure you had a great time experimenting. However, chances are you might have missed a few tricks up your sleeve in the flurry of excitement.
Here are a few handy tips and tricks which you might have missed on your iPhone.

1. Close all Tabs in a Click

Most of us have multiple tabs open at any point in time and do not realize it often. In order to de-clutter your browser, all you need to do is just open Safari. Click the boxes on the right and hold down “DONE” to close multiple tabs.

2. Setting up Animoji

Create custom animated messages with facial expressions from you. This can be done with the FACE ID facial recognition system which is in front of the iPhone X. Just go into a message, tap the App Store Icon and then tap the image of a monkey with the mouth open. Scroll, choose an emoji and touch the ‘Record’ button to send an animated photo. These messages can be recorded for up to 110 seconds and sent through the iMessage.

3. Siri Announces your caller when Wearing Headphones

For someone who’s always on their headphones, it’s difficult to find your caller without an effort. Now all you have to do to find your caller without even turning your head is to have Siri announce it to you. Just go to Settings->Phone->Announce Calls->and set your preferences.

4. Find out where Exactly you Parked your Car

iOS 10 helps you keep track of where you parked your car with a feature called ‘Show Parked Location’. All you have to do is turn on ‘Show Parked Location’ by clicking on ‘Settings’->Maps-> and turning on the feature. Then connect your car’s Bluetooth to your phone. This will drop a pin on your car in Apple Maps, making it easier to get directions to your parked vehicle, especially in a crowded space.

5. Use ‘Zoom To Fill’ the Youtube App

The iPhone X comes with a larger 5.8-inch screen, so you can zoom into videos on Youtube app. Simply do the pinch-to-zoom gesture in the landscape mode in full screen. Once you are zoomed in, the video will say ‘Zoomed to fill’ on top. If in normal mode, it will say ‘Original’.

6. Unsubscribe from Unnecessary Mailing Lists

GO to the mail you want to unsubscribe from, click the email and tap the ‘Unsubscribe’ option on the top left of your email.

7. Save your Battery with Low Power Mode

If you need to battery to last longer, go to Settings->Battery->Low Power Mode and enable it. This reduces plenty of consumption by pushing mail fewer times, turning off Siri, and visual effects reduced. The performance is not impacted and the battery will last you much longer.

8. Taking Pictures while Recording

When you are filming some personal moments which are important to you and you need a picture as well, what do you do? Just let the recording continue and tap the camera button, which appears on the screen in addition to your video button as you film.

9. Parental Control

To ensure your kids don’t gain access to restricted content, go to Settings-> General-> Restrictions and limit usage of apps, block in-app purchases etc. and make your phone, kids-friendly.

10. Siri can do Math too

Open Siri and recite your equation. For complex numbers slow down your pace. Siri is good at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and can work more complicated equations too.

All these work from iOS 10 and above. Try them and utilize your phone to an optimum level.

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