7 Technology Trends That Will Influence 2018

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology” said Godfrey Reggio, which is very true in today’s world. Technology has become an integral part of our day to day life and it has become a necessity to adapt to the evolution of the digital world. Whether you are a tech savvy or a tech retard, it is hard to ignore the machinery world. The phenomenon of the technology manifestation has been evident in all the sectors, whether it is industry, profession, health, education, art and a lot more other areas. These developments have proven to bring both positive and negative effects which are inevitable. This year is said to be even more prominent towards digital transformation.

Leading Technology Trends that are dominating 2018


AI being the intelligence demonstrated by machines on the contrary to human or natural intelligence is one of the major advancement that has been happening in the past few years and is yet again going to produce newer developments in this year.
Along with bringing AI in contact and mutual cooperation with humans, it is now also emerging in every area, application, and every tech device. This trend is going to bring an enormous change in the digital world and is going to pick up at a faster pace in 2018.


After the development in connectivity speed that has reached 4G, now it is time to enjoy the taste of 5G in this year. This fifth generation connectivity will enable higher speed of downloading without lag. This is considered the post era of smartphones and is going to make things easier. It is estimated to be ten times faster than 4G.


This trend is known to be a digital register of contracts and transactions. It consists of immutable digital data and allows sovereign verification.
This technology also allows users to take complete control over transactions.  It comprises of high data quality and is very accurate along with efficient speed. In 2018 Blockchain is going to be explored on advanced levels.


This technology makes interaction easier between devices and humans. The process of robotic speech and chatbots are going to get advanced. Errors in voice recognition are going to be declined to an extent to make it easier to convey the message from both sides.
Though this technology has emerged before 2017, this year it is going to be made easier and efficient with the help of Artificial intelligence aspects.


Along with immense development in the technology, negative and illegal techniques like hacking have also increased, for which counter techniques are trying to be developed as well. Due to a large number of gadgets connected to the internet, the data access becomes vulnerable and creates a major need to protect data. This year, techniques like behavioral analysis and other processes will give access to detect and stop any kind of attack.


Technology advancement this year is also going to touch the automotive industry. Although automobiles have been constantly emerging new techniques, this year will be leading to another set of evolution.
From cameras to the interaction between humans and automobiles, everything will take one step ahead. Headlights will be LED or xenon, traffic alerts, emergency braking, 360-degree camera etc will be on the move.


Though this method has already been introduced in 2017, this year will see more advancement. The technology will also include metal 3D printing and will also be application driven better, faster and capable machines. It will make it easy to create end-use parts. Efficiency and stability will be increased and introduced in the market.
There is no doubt that this year will take technology to another level and really up to the game. Especially Artificial intelligence will draw up a lot of expectations and is expected to start a new evolution in the digital world.

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