Adplexity Review

Adplexity is a leading competitive ad spying tool for all types of devices, native ads adult ads, and GEOs. In this harsh competitive world, a tool like Adpelxity lends a profitable hand to all affiliate marketers. By running your ad campaigns via spy tools, they are utilized statistically and authentically for rendering profit. 

In today’s world, most of us spend our free time on mobile or computer browsing content of our choice. For affiliate marketers, the best way to reach their target users is via mobile ads, thus communicating them with the original idea. On average, a mobile user sees around 3000-4000 ads in a day, and with a spy tool like Adpelxity, marketers can bank on the mobile user’s actions.

Now let’s explore more about the Adplexity spy tool and know its power-packed features and filters. 

Adplexity and its Advantages

Adplexity, a genius ad spy tool, allows you to find every essential element of a successful ad campaign running worldwide. It offers superb features and filters for every type of ad campaign, whether it is to be placed on a mobile, desktop, or any famous native or push ads. 

After signing up with Adplexity, you can quickly download all kinds of promotional materials like banners and landing pages from the recognized ad networks along with ad interchanges from more than 70 nations covering all significant places.   

By using this platform, you can directly discover lucrative ad campaigns that are a great source of traffic. One can quickly look for advertisers, publishers, keywords, and affiliate networks. The robust features that make Adplexity better from others are:

  • Quick downloading of landing pages with page requirements (images, CSS, or javascript) in a .zip direct to their user interface
  • Track ad campaign running on pop-ups
  • Monitor banner ads operative on adult sites
  • Covers 70+ countries with huge competition
  • Integrates with all devices and operating systems like Mac, Android, iOS and more
  • Discover hidden campaigns running on 120 + mobile traffic carriers globally
  • Discover best ads from over 100 affiliate networks in a single click
  • A quick search feature for advertisers, keywords and other related components
  • Adplexity is the only platform that supports Android in-app ads (Inmobi, Airpush, StartApp, etc.), Popups (ZeroPark, Propeller Ads, AdCash, etc.,) and mobile web with more than 25 exchanges.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting of all ad campaigns running on mobile.

Adplexity products:

1. Adplexity Mobile and Desktop

Adplexity mobile allows keeping track of your competitor’s most money-spinning ad campaigns on the mobile traffic source. It indeed assists you in better decision making and fetches all-inclusive info on lucrative mobile campaigns. Mobile ads, being one of the fastest developing industries, cannot function optimally without help from the extraordinary competitive intelligence. 

With Adplexity Desktop, you can analyze thousands of successful campaigns from all over the desktop traffic sources. One can get in-depth knowledge of the drive, making it a profitable one.

Both Adplexity Mobile and Desktop comes at the price of $199/mo per user. 

Features of Adplexity Mobile and Desktop:

One can find thriving campaigns quick and easy and filter by:

  • Keyword
  • Advertiser
  • Publisher
  • Affiliate network

Evaluate every element of the campaign:

  • Ad trends
  • Targeted devices
  • Traffic source utilized
  • Publishers 

Fetch data on flourishing campaigns by proper filtering and find about:

  • Affiliate network and tracking tool
  • Outgoing URLs of offers promoted on the landing page
  • The campaign run by affiliates and advertisers
  • Download every landing page with every page dependency

2. Adplexity Native and Push

Again, with Adplexity native and push, you can keep track of your rival’s most cutthroat and profitable ad campaign on native and push traffic sources. One can make accomplished marketing decisions by knowing which native and push ads are already successful. You get wide-ranging information on gainful native and push campaigns.

The native plan comes at $249/mo per user, while Push comes at $149/mo per user. 

Features of Native and Push

  • Scrutinize native campaigns running in over 32 countries, including all major countries.
  • Push campaigns run in over 80 + countries covering all leading nations.
  • Unveil profitable native campaigns running on 7 most popular native ad traffic sources.
  • Shows profitable campaigns running on 10 + push ad traffic sources.
  • Push campaigns are supported on 90+ mobile carrier traffic.
  • Find native and push ads promoting affiliate offers from 100+ affiliate networks with a click 
  • One can search by keyword, publishers, affiliate network, advertisers, and more for both native and push ad campaigns. 
  • For both native and push campaigns, you can download landing pages with page requirements in a .zip straightaway in their user interface. 

3. Adplexity Ecommerce

Want to keep track of your rival’s most competitive and profitable ecommerce stores and products, the go for Adplexity ecommerce. By utilizing the Adplexity ecommerce tool, you will be able to make quick decisions about successful products and get comprehensive data on rewarding ecommerce stores. 

It is the first ecommerce competitive intelligence tool with data from real buyers and visitors. It is the only tool that shows you a revised list of hot-selling products in real-time before they get oversupplied. Adplexity ecommerce comes at the price of $199/mo per user. 

Features of Adplexity ecommerce:

  • Access data on over 100,000 ecommerce stores and know their most lucrative products and apps they use
  • Search, filter, and sort through more than 70,000,000 products
  • Reveal best-selling product based on data from real-time visitors and buyers
  • Fetch details about competitor’s revenue-generating apps that they want to conceal
  • Boost your ecommerce profits by merely searching through product, stores, apps, put filters on everything, and filtering Facebook ad copy
  • All about the product that sells like product info, strength, historical price changes, same products, and Facebook ad campaign related to that specific product.
  • Information about the stores, including store strength, info, apps that make money, latest launched products, and social media links. 

4. Adplexity Carriers

If you want to browse your mobile campaigns in foreign Geos, do it with Adplexity Carriers. It lets you use Real 3G/LTE proxies from 80+ mobile carriers in 30+ countries. The technology allows mobile Advertisers, Affiliates, Ad & Affiliate Networks, and Ad verification systems to observe and authenticate online media actions by using mobile carriers globally.

Adplexity carriers have more potential than other proxy providers by offering real SIM cards, colossal coverage, high connection speed for redundant solutions, market stability, and best pricing policy. It is priced at $149 for 500 MB/month data transfer.

Features of Adplexity Carriers:

  • Affiliate compliance
  • Conversions flow
  • Carrier precise offers
  • Bypass cloakers
  • Get real landing pages
  • Active callouts and live banners
  • Freely register accounts

5. Adplexity API

AdPlexity API allows you to retrieve all of AdPlexity’s competitive intelligence data programmatically. For more details and package info, write to [email protected].

6. Adplexity Adults

For knowing everything about the successful adult ad campaign, Adplexity adult is the perfect tool. Just by a single click, one can select ads from wide-ranging various adult traffic sources. Get data from adult pop-up networks and adult ad exchanges, along with concealed adult mobile carrier campaigns. It covers about 75 countries internationally and brings you data from every device on which these campaigns are running. 

Adplexity Pros and Cons


  • Shows ads from over 80 nations
  • Covers all kind of mobile, API, desktop, and native ads
  • One can easily download rival’s landing pages with javascript, CSS, and graphics
  • Displays ads with affiliate links
  • Lots of search options
  • Adults product for max profits
  • Target campaigns on all popular devices asa= well as operating systems.  


  • Little pricey
  • No free trial
  • Little tricky interface for a newbie
  • Absence of helpful guides

Some general FAQs

1. Does Adplexity have a free trial?

It doesn’t offer any free trial, but you can ask for a refund in the first 24 hours of the signup.

2. What about the accuracy level of Adplexity?

It is incredibly accurate in offering real-time and reliable stats.

3. Why choose Adplexity over other cheap spying tools?

It offers unbeatable results and covers all the central countries when it comes to carrying out marketing activities. It is a more stable tool with high speed, in-depth data, and affordable pricing.

4. Which ad network does Adplexity support?

-Android In-App Ads (StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt)

-Popups (Adcash, PopAds, Pop cash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark)

-Mobile web (more than 25 exchanges)


Adplexity caters to the need of successful ad campaigns. This spy tool uses complicated algorithms and legalized data to create steadfast stats. You will get a detailed insight into your competitor’s ad campaign activities with full confidentiality. 

Looking at the robust features and worldwide coverage of campaigns, we surely recommend it for hardcore marketers like us. It is best for those who want to reveal the secrets of the profitable campaigns of competitors and obtain the latest trends in the market. 

I hope you liked the Adplexity review. If you have any queries, do drop them in the comment section below. 

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