Adsbridge Review – The Best Tool for Affiliate Marketers

Online business owners and affiliate marketers are always on the lookout for that one tool which will improve their online presence and conversions. It’s where a tool like Adsbridge comes into the picture.

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If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, read on. Adsbridge will help you get SEO optimized and converting landing pages as well as help you with other stuff like link tracking and traffic distribution, the core of businesses online.

What exactly is AdsBridge?

Adsbridge is a leader when it comes to internet marketing and started in 2012, it comes with the following premium products:

Link tracking, Traffic distribution tools & Landing Page.

These tools help to make the life of internet marketers simple. With the help of their easy drag and drop landing page builder it’s easy to make good looking and easy conversion landing pages in a jiffy. Thus you can start your campaign immediately.

Why should you choose AdsBridge?

Ads Bridge Features

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AdsBridge is a universal solution for all your business needs, especially online. The functionality is broad and you have access to many tools which cover all aspects required to make a business a success AdsBridge helps you with an aim to increase the profitability of your business. It solves all the challenges faced by good affiliate platform software.

While there are plenty of tracking solutions out there in the market, Adsbridge stands out even though it’s not that easy to make your decision from a variety of tracking solutions available on the market. It gives you a great scope of options, including direct monitoring of the traffic quality, and its subsequent optimization and distribution per your request.
AdsBridge Dashboard

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7 Data Centers Worldwide

They have flexible DNS servers which are highly scalable and will deliver your traffic via shortest routes. This ensures fast redirects and low click loss.

160+ Countries

They have global coverage and use the latest technology for all top affiliate marketers across 160 countries and 6 continents.

100+ Integrated Networks

Hundreds of affiliate networks could be reached in a click and postback parameters will be substituted automatically and established on affiliate network side.

4+ Years of Experience

Their tracking features help to boost your ROI.

What are the features of Adsbridge?

  • Multiuser access – all team-related activities in one account
  • TDS – learn how audience segmentation can impact your conversion rates and sales. Offers more than 20 different filters.
  • Flows – Create multiple campaigns and optimize all of them simultaneously.
  • Get real-time stats and use filters to customize them by specific data.
  • Automatic conversion caps to avoid the traffic loss when they reach the specified conversion limit.
  • Create your own CPA/CPL networks and get more profit.
  • SSL for custom domains – Protect your URLs and be sure in the security of your data.
  • URL ROTATOR to rotate impressions of various URLs, test and also track statistics of visitors on your websites.
  • Split-test the best-performing offers, etc. to make a fit for all kinds of verticals
  • BOT FILTER – Detect all bot traffic adjusting filters by more than 19 parameters

What are the plans on offer for customers?

AdsBridge Pricing

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With AdsBridge, you have a number of pricing plans to suit your individual business needs. All plans come with generous offerings. You get free access to 30 days and you can send up to 50k visits and can edit up to 3 landing pages.

Starters can go with the Trial Plan. Good marketers would go with $89 monthly plan where you are good to send 10 Lac monthly visit and can edit unlimited landing page with many other functionalities.

Adsbridge Affiliate Program: Spread the word about AdsBridge and receive a 10% lifetime monthly commission.

Is it required to set up the tracker on Self-Hosted Platforms?

Not necessary because AdsBridge tracker provides its own hosting. You can also use their LP-editor to create custom landing pages which would also be hosted by them.

What payment options can be used?

You can pay via PayPal, WebMoney or with your credit card.

Final Thoughts

Looking at all the features and the nominal pricing provided by AdsBridge, it seems to be a must-have tool for affiliate marketers and would help them in better campaign management and tracking. Many top marketers who have used this tool are vouching by how it helped boost their online business. So, if you are planning to start in the affiliate marketing, you should definitely try AdsBridge.

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