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Shopify Booster theme or just Booster Theme 3.0 is not just a theme but also has a lot of functionalities inclusive of all the plugins. Shopify Booster theme review will take you close to lots of functionality you may not be knowing. You can create product stores using these themes. Also, you can create the mini sales funnel which is not as effective as the other sales funnels but yes the appreciable one.

If you intend to set up a Shopify store with just a few product-a one or two product stores, then Booster Theme is the Theme you need. It allows you to set mini sales funnel, which helps with conversions.

The Theme integrates an addon upsell for products you wish to buy-it to what you see on Amazon. Upsell is one of the best means to increase a client’s order value.




Many in-built apps instantly become available automatically, and they include:

1.Estimated delivery time notification
2.Ability to show or hide product details with read-more button-heightens curiosity
3.Countdown timer
3.The visual promotion header bar
5.Product zoom functionality
6.Secure payment security features
7.Increase in search functionalities
8.Increased Menu National Functionalities
9.Scarcity Stock Countdown Notification
10.Scarcity Stock Countdown bar
11.Currency converter
12. Number of current visitors looking at the product-to increase scarcity
13. Buy it now button shakes to draw attention to it
14. Buy it now button leads customers directly to cart or checkout

Mobile Optimization

So if you tend to run mobile ads, either targeting Facebook users or Instagram users then you need not worry if you are using the Shopify booster theme. It fits all device screens perfectly. No overlapping.

In the first version I bought, some of the features have talked about in this booster theme review were not available for me unless I bought the premium version.

In this mobile-optimized version, it comes with;

  • RRP
  • Sale Price
  • Delivery notification feature
  • Countdown time

I found optimization crucial given that I targeted social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube’s traffic which meant that most users were on their phones, I posit that is still the case currently-mobile traffic estimated to hit a 70% mark.

In the more recent version of the Theme, a new addon puts retail-sales price, countdown timer, and delivery notification above a fold no need for scrolling.


Currency Converter

Among the drawbacks of Shopify is the inability to process orders in different currencies, the geo-IP converts currency depending on user location.

And this is why I like this plugin because it allows your customers to see the prices in their currencies-less confusing, thus boosting conversion rates.

This addon on the booster theme is very useful more so for store owners who are targeting the global audience. You want your USD default currency to show up in different countries in their own currency.

When using the normal Shopify theme, it’s hard to automatically show currencies to customers by their ‘Geo Ips’ hence this plugin allows you to automatically convert your currency to multiples ones.

Direct Checkout

Sometimes customers end up not completing the checkout process because of the tedious process of adding products to cart, with booster theme, the add to cart is skipped and the customer is sent straight to the final check out where they will complete the checkout.

Front end conversion has been increased in most Shopify shops by either reducing the checkout process either using sales funnel or just installing a booster theme which comes with the feature inbuilt.

It is a great feature, and I have used it. It is an ideal tool for one or two products. Many marketers swore by this strategy to boost sales.

Research has pointed out that the fewer steps it takes in a funnel, the easier it is to buy, and it boosts front end conversions- I believe it what you want too.

Skipping the cart page and landing visitors straight on the last page to complete check out is the literal meaning of direct checkout.


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