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What is Cart2Cart?

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Cart2Cart is a completely automatic shopping cart migration service with the primary objective of making the transition to the e-Commerce platform simple, fast, and safe for store owners. With the growth in eCommerce and online purchasing and selling activities becoming increasingly popular, on top of improved responsiveness and attractive pricing policies, eCommerce sites are continuously pushing out new features, resources, and capabilities. You can move items, orders, clients, categories, attributes, feedback, and other related entities to any of the 75 + supported shopping carts using this app. There are only 3 easy-to-perform steps that minimize your time to just a few minutes in a smooth migration process. No need for technological skills. Just provide the needed information to create the most robust possible exchange of data, and your brand-new shop is available to launch in up to a few hours!

Features and Benefits

The world of eCommerce is increasing at a relentless rate, and every now and then enhancements, shifts, and updates are implemented. In the very complex and ever-evolving world of online shopping and selling, holding loyal to a single cart software is not a feasible idea for online retailers, companies, and organizations that have eCommerce operations.

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It can be time-consuming and very difficult to switch from one shopping cart service provider to the next. The method often entails extensive effort, expertise, and costs, not to mention the immense risks associated with data loss. This whole process becomes easier, quicker, and more economical with Cart2Cart, making it a very familiar and commonly used shopping cart migration platform by many of the major brands in the business, including PrestaShop, Shopify, X-Cart, Magento, and, to name a few, BigCommerce. In total, more than 75 eCommerce service providers are sponsored by Cart2Cart and that number is continuously increasing.

  • Quick and easy migration in 3 stages – Forget about the problematic export/import process for manual info. All you have to do is give your retail access and launch a robust click-through data transfer.
  • 100% of the current store’s uptime – Do not consider dropping while the migration is being carried out. With no risk to your company income, turn to a new shopping cart without harming the revenue.  
  • Free Demo Migration – A free sample shopping cart migration is available for you to completely test and evaluate Cart2Cart and see it in action. Make sure it fits your requirements and aspirations 100% and enjoy the outcome!
  • The largest array of entities supported – Cart2Cart platform allows one to migrate all the data of your shop, including goods, sales, clients, categories, ratings, MS pages, custom fields, ratings, customer passwords, characteristics, variations, taxes, photos, and other transferable entities, in order to guarantee much larger possibilities for migration.
  • Aid and assistance 24/7 – Cart2Cart runs day and day, always supplying the solutions to all potential tech-related queries with great assistance and support. Get the cart to your destination as soon as possible!

How does it work?

  1. Firstly go ahead and choose source and target shopping carts along with providing their URLs.
  2. Provide API details or download and upload the Connection Bridge files to your store’s root folder (depending on shopping cart type)
  3. Choose the entities that will be transferred; pick additional options, if needed
  4. Perform a FREE Demo migration and move a limited number of test data to your live store
  5. After verifying the Demo results, launch a full-scale data transfer

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Problems that Cart2Cart can solve

  • Ease in migrating to another better shopping cart. With the easy to use and fully automated platform, the migration process between two carts will be seamless and efficient.
  • Enables to efficiently upgrade the current shopping cart by making the upgrade a mere 3 step process. This upgrade is seemless i.e. the store remains online during the upgrade process, causing least amount of inconcenience. 
  • For developer agency workers and freelancers too, Cart2Cart makes things a lot easier. They do not have to dive into data transfer intricacies when running a project that needs shopping cart migration. Cart2Cart enables the time and human capital required for migration to be reduced and offers discounts for partners who actively use the service. Agencies can also every time count on 24/7 support and personal account managers to help complete the transmission of data as quickly and qualitatively as possible.


Cart2Cart offers a free demo that can be used by users to get a hold of the tool. After the one-time free use, users can switch to the complete version with a price of $69.00. This price isn’t the same for all and will depend on the amount of transferring entities. Check Pricing plan at Cart2Cart.

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