Comparison of OnePlus 6 vs Galaxy S9: Performance, Camera, Battery and More

OnePlus 6 has been in the headlines for quite some time now with celebrity endorsements, good promotions, and exciting new features. This smartphone comes in three colors –Silk White, Midnight Black and Mirror Black. The phone, with its slick looks, has all it takes to be a leader in its price segment.
Another competitor which is firmly launching a foothold is the attractive Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as S9+. This phone attracted us with its unique design, excellent features, and great quality. SO here’s a step-by-step comparison of the features of OnePlus 6 against Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Comparison of OnePlus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9:

The design of Samsung Galaxy s9 and S9+ is essentially the same as the S8 and there’s nothing spectacularly new on display. It has a glass rear curving which meets the curved edges of the front. It is IP68 water as well as dust resistant but nothing out of the ordinary.
The OnePlus 6 has a new and fresh design which is slim, solid and of high quality. OnePlus 6 has also introduced a notch design display and is also water resistant.
However, the easier among the two to hold in hand is the Samsung Galaxy S9 with its slick build even though the OnePlus 6 looks more premium.

Display Comparison:

The S9 and the S9+ come in sizes, 5.8” and 6.2” respectively and the default setting is Full HD+. Samsung offers a resolution of 2960*1440 as compared to OnePlus 6 at 2280 x 1080, which is again Full HD+. The OnePlus Notch display brings slightly more display space as compared to Samsung. Both the Samsung and OnePlus displays are AMOLED.
Though we are always impressed with OnePlus’ display offering, we agree that Samsung has one of the finest displays in the market.

Comparison of Hardware and Other Features:

one plus has Snapdragon 845 running the show supported by 8GB RAM and 64GB, 128GB and 256 GB storage options. One of the advantages of the Samsung phone is the micro SD, not present in OnePlus. OnePlus has an impressive battery life and it’s known for its Dash Charging too. While the phone can run an entire day on a single charge, we found the Samsung lacking in this area.


Anyone who first compares two phones most likely opts to compare the cameras. The Samsung S9 and S9+ have a 12 MP camera, offer dual OIS and have an innovative dual aperture system. They come with an 8MP front camera and offer slow-motion video options as well.
This is an area where the One Plus needs to slightly improve in order to keep up Samsung. The camera offers a 16MP camera in the front, comes with advanced HDR and there is a dual camera system on board with a pairing of a 16 and 20-megapixel sensors. This is also capable of a super slow-motion 720p video.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the latest offerings are one of the most expensive handsets around. It delivers some of the best experiences but is no doubt expensive. We feel the OnePlus which is cheaper, offers greater value for money.

Conclusion: OnePlus 6 v Samsung Galaxy S9:

As observed, the phones have numerous similarities with few additional features varying, but basically both of extremely good quality. Samsung is better equipped with the micro SD slot, and a superior camera. While the experience with OnePlus matches most of Samsung’s, the OnePlus is indeed value for money if you need some cash in your pockets!

Table of Comparison:

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