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Makes Dropshipping Simpler 

With the increasing popularity of the dropshipping business, the need for tools to automate the whole process is trending and is a huge IT market. One of those tools that helps you with the dropshipping business is Dropified.

Dropified, a successful dropshipping automation application tool that assists you with your online store by helping you import the goods you wish to have on your store from its sources like AliExpress and others. 

Ali Express is one of the most favourites stops for the drop shippers as it is a unit of the Giant Alibaba and offers almost everything you need for your store. When you have a lot of products to import to your online store, working manually for each item can be really frustrating. This is the point where you need Dropified and it does all the work for you. All you need to do is click and that’s it.

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Dropified in Short 

Dropified is a Web-based application which helps the user to pull out products from sources like AliExpress to their online store. It comes with a chrome extension with amazing features which makes it easy to add products to the store,  and helps to manage the orders properly. One such feature is the Audit feature which notifies about and duplicates, wrong address or out of record orders. You can also set some pricing rules and Dropified will add price to all the products accordingly.

Dropified offers you different modes of placing the orders: Manual and Automatic. As the name suggests in Manual the user has to place the order all by themself going through each step whereas in Automatic whole process is completed by Dropified.

Dropified keeps you updated with all the required information relevant to the orders, suppliers, etc like – Change in product price by the supplier, Stock status update, shipment tracking, etc.


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Now you can have your own Brand with Dropified Black

Dropified recently introduced a new product Dropified Black which gives you exclusive access to CBD Products and Health supplements and products from US Companies. The best part is that you can sell these items branding them as your own.

Dropified v/s Its Competitors

Few names that make the headlines in dropshipping other than Dropified are- Oberlo, AliDropship, Spocket, Modalyst. The main benefit of having Dropified over the others is that they allow the user to import products from various platforms. Dropified alone helps its users to import products from around 40 platforms like Kmart, Target, Wayfair, Bedbathandbeyond, Wholesale central, Amazon, eBay, Gearbest, Walmart and many others.

Dropified makes sure its users are comfortable and informed about all its features so it has a 60-day challenge, this is a training program that is designed to help the user understand Dropified completely so that they can run a profitable dropshipping business after 60 days.

Features That makes Dropified a Good Match

  • Dropified is a web-based application so the user doesn’t have to download anything.
  • Dropified can be added as chrome extension which further makes it easier for you to import products from Source.
  • Dropified integrates with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, GrooveKart, CommerceHQ.dropfied intigrates with
  • Dropified’s chrome extension has an amazing AUDIT Feature which: 
    1. Notifies regarding any duplicate orders. 
    2. If an order is placed in Aliexpress but is not placed in the Dropified application.
    3. All the orders with the wrong address.
  • You can set pricing rules and Dropified will edit the prices for you.
  • Notification is one of the best features because it enables the user to stay up to date. Dropified notifies you:
    1. If any product is OUT OF STOCK
    2. If the Prices for a particular product is changed by the supplier.
    3. Shipment updates with tracking.
  • It also provides US Dropship Database which can help with fast delivery of orders.
  • It also trains its new user with all its features within a span of 60 days.
  • Dropified Black- What’s more interesting than having your own Brand.


Dropified provides both monthly as well as yearly plans for:

Builder: It’s a beginners plan with 14 days of the free trial. Its monthly and annual charges are $47/ month and $468 when billed annually. It offers –

  1. 1 Store
  2. 15,000 Products
  3. 50 Product Boards
  4. UNLIMITED Orders/Month
  5. 5 User Accounts
  6. All Standard Features

Premier: It also provides 14 days trial with charges $127/month and $1164 when billed annually. The features it offers are-

  1. 5 Stores
  2. 50,000 Products
  3. 250 Product Boards
  4. UNLIMITED Orders/Month
  5. 25 User Accounts
  6. All Builder Features
  7. Advanced Profit Dashboard
  8. Unlimited High-Speed Captcha Solver
  9. CallFlex
  10. TubeHunt

Dropified Black: It allows ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. It costs $1997 annually. Features offered are- 

  1. All Premier Features
  2. Supplements On your Demand All Made and Shipped From The US
  3. Masterclass ($2497 value)
  4. Mastermind & Facility Tour in Oklahoma ($2497 value)
  5. Regular Sample Kits Sent Out ($497 value)
  6. ​GrooveKart Platform: 3 Month Pass ($297 value)
  7. Supplement/CBD Payment Solution ($297 value)
  8. Incredible Group Volume Pricing For High-Quality Products (Priceless)
  9. ​Dropified Fulfillment – 1st Access ($297 value)
  10. Dropified Marketplace – 1st Access ($297 value)
  11. Quarterly Dropified Black Magazine (bonus)

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Note from the Author

Dropified is an amazing option for all those who are a part of the dropshipping business and with all the exclusive features that it offers its customers, it has climbed to the top of the list. Have you used Dropified? How was your experience? Tell me in the comment section below.

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