Egrow Review – Designed for Amazon Sellers

Egrow helps you build your e-commerce business in an effortless way. Egrow is a free web-based tool specifically developed for Amazon sellers. It helps online businesses who wish to sell on Amazon get an overview of markets which are potentially profitable. Egrow helps sellers discover the products that are profitable by analyzing millions of items in the Amazon marketplace. It works by analyzing the products which are in the Amazon marketplace and also helps you aggregate sales data in easy-to-understand charts and panels.

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How is Egrow different from other Amazon Market-Research tools?

The marketplace is being flooded with new Amazon Research tools on a daily basis. The reason why you should choose Egrow over the other is the following:

  • While all tools do provide marketplace data, Egrow updates its data on a daily basis therefore what you get is a comprehensive list with the latest information. It provides you with highly accurate estimated sales data
  • Due to the latest algorithms it uses, Egrow is very fast in providing you with the results.
  • It offers the biggest database of products scanned daily on Amazon.
  • There are preloaded watchwords and positions in organic Amazon search results.
  • Egrow provides a user interface which is easy to use and simple.
  • There is no need to install unnecessary extensions and related tools, the entire workflow occurs within a single application.
  • Secure data as they do not share any information nor disclose to third parties.
  • You can access up to 90 days of product history changes like sales, prices etc.

What are the Pros and Cons of Egrow?

Access to 100% Amazon productsCould do with some more programs like a chrome extension.
Helps you find organic search keywords
300 live researches are done per day200+ tracked keywords
Excellent customer service which replies within an hour

How do you sign up to Egrow?

Egrow Sign Up

Sign Up It’s Free

It’s absolutely free and even your credit card details are not required.  All you need is a username and password. Once you sign up you can go to the member area.

How does Egrow work?

There are around 6 powerful tools in the member area.

Product Database

Egrow Database

From the Product Database, you can access millions of daily scanned products from Amazon. It helps you with its different advanced filters and sorting options to sort, filter and spy on successful sales. It helps you identify the right niche to start your business.

Product Tracker

Egrow Tracker

When you need to keep track of a particular product, you simply add it to the product tracker and Egrow starts collecting relevant data. You can use this tool to access, monitor and organize you all favorite products in tiny groups for maximum efficiency.

This helps you view Egrow’s entire database of scanned products on Amazon. It helps you to find the ideal niche to jump-start your Amazon business.

Live Amazon Scanner

egrow Live Amazon Scanner

This helps you view Egrow’s entire database of scanned products on Amazon. It performs real-time keyword scanning and pulls relevant data.  It helps you to find the ideal niche to jump-start your Amazon business.

Kw and Niche Tool

Kw Research

This tool helps you find keywords that have a low competition but enough sales volume – it will help you to rank your products faster, cheaper and easier.

Reverse ASIN Research

You can find Amazon competitor keywords with the Reverse ASIN Research tool. This helps you find keywords for which a product has ranked in organic search results on Amazon.

Saved Searches

Here, you can compare different groups of products based on parameters like keywords, metrics, sales and other important info without the hassles of serious number crunching. All the data is pre-calculated and neatly organized for easy analysis.


If you are easily satisfied with how Egrow works, you can subscribe from any of these plans.

Egrow Pricing

There are 3 plans on offer: Free, $12/month for next 100 customers and $16 per month for another 100 customers.

The $16/month gives access to 1000 tracked keywords, 300 tracked products, and unlimited live searches and is the most recommended if you are really serious about being a seller.


Refer a friend

  • If you send two clients to Egrow, you get access to the standard package one month for a free upgrade for a period of 30 days.
  • Use their affiliate program and earn a lifetime monthly recurring commission for each referral you send to Egrow.


The product has an overall rating of 4.5/5 from many customers’ reviews.

Overall: 4.5/5

Ease of use: 4.7/5

Customer support: 4.6/5


Egrow is different in that it is super fast and offers a seamless user experience. The customer support is great and there are a free version as well as affordable pay versions. The product database is huge and it is one of the best Amazon Product Research tools out there.


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