Fetcher Review – Good Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

Fetcher is one of the easiest ways to get meaningful insights into the health of your Amazon business. It helps understand important seller data and is another important part of a suite of premium Amazon Seller apps like Jungle Scout and Jump Send. CEO Greg Mercer has a winner in his hands where he makes business assessment much easier for Amazon Sellers.

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What is the Fetcher Software?

The Fetcher Software helps Amazon vendors and businessmen gain more power over their benefit and deals. With Fetcher, as an Amazon vendor, the execution of your Amazon business would be under your complete control and with the measurements from Fetcher, you can have better bookkeeping on deals and benefits.

How does Fetcher Software work?

Fetcher data

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Fetcher analyzes the mass data files on Amazon and then applies some algorithmic formulas to calculate sales, expenses, and profits in real-time.
Fetcher Jungle Scout

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Once you register, login to your account. It will only take a minute to sync with your existing Amazon account. You get to see the dashboard where you can get a quick overview of all sales & cost involved over a particular time frame. There is plenty of information on a display which is more than Amazon’s default display report.

From here, if you scroll onto the main page, you can see your inventory levels. It is very useful as it will show how many days of inventory you have left.

You have another page for looking at the sales information and profit per product. You have an expenses page where Fetcher will automatically import all Amazon costs into your account.

Other Features include the following –

  • Product Breakdown – keep a tab of every product with details of sales over time.
  • Refunds -Fetcher will also show you your refunds over a particular period of time.
  • All business metric according to requirement can be viewed. Thus your financial metrics are ready in a click!


  • Gathers all financial information about sales and profits from your business in one place
  • Good design and easy to use
  • Cheap
  • It also offers 31 Day Free Trial
  • Very quick


  • No PPC tool or keyword tracker
  • Cannot monitor reviews
  • No competitor’s analysis tool

What is the Fetcher Advantage?

93% of customers say Fetcher is essential for running their Amazon business.

  • Fetcher helps you sell more products by telling you what is selling and what is not
  • Save time with Fetcher. All the info you need regarding your profits can be viewed on the dashboard, P&L Statement, and per Product Breakdown.
  • Get to know accurate metrics in your business with Fetcher factors in PPC, Fees, and Product Costs etc.
  • Fetcher currently supports all North America (US, CA and MX) as well as all European (UK, DE, FR, ES, and IT) marketplaces.

While Amazon provides you a lot of information, it is a tedious task to make sense of everything and there’s always a chance of making mistakes. Smaller vendors can’t depend on external help to decode the information. Fetcher also helps you recognize how much you need to spend on ads and exact information on item costs, promos, etc. which gives you an overall perspective of your business.

Fetcher Free Trial

Pricing of Fetcher

The following plans are available.

  • Startup: $19/month – Track up to 2,500 requests/month
  • Business: $39/month – Track up to 5,000 requests/month
  • Enterprise: $99/month – Track boundless requests/month

You can begin by trying the Free 31-Day trial by Fetcher.Click Here


Sales Fetcher


Fetcher is great for Amazon Vendors who will find it helpful for checking their business financials. It offers a more proficient method for getting an understanding of your business efficiency on Amazon. It can be great bookkeeping programming for Amazon Vendors. Fetcher is cheap as it starts at $19 per month. We found it great for smaller sellers overall.

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