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Without the correct picture or graphic, any blog article, a banner, a copy, a dynamic social media article, aren’t complete. In quest of stock images, vectors, diagrams, PSDs, and more, Freepik is one of the top options for users. Although the phrase “A photo is worth a thousand words” is debatable, in the modern digital marketing environment, no one can argue the effect of a good image. With the website boasting over 100 million monthly downloads through its multiple platforms, Freepik has been the go-to for visuals.


In order to see if they were as quick and powerful as their rivals, we tested Freepik’s key features in detail:


With 100,000 + photos distributed over 40 types, Vectors is arguably Freepik ‘s largest offering. Anything from animal vectors to backgrounds and icons that you might like is at your disposal. As long as Freepik was issued until released, about 80,000 of the results were available for free download and edit. The range of choices raises to 800,000 for Premium users and attribution is not mandatory.

The vectors from Freepik were easy to locate and were of good quality. And the free illustrations are beautiful and professionally-designed. There are many vector forms that can be downloaded, modified, and used by users. That include surreal images, logos, landscapes, models for the logo, models for banners, and more.

In 2013, Freepik ‘s developers founded Flaticon. A lot of their image search results lead to the Flaticon website, where consumers need to login to download an icon pack. Flaticon restricts authorised free users to 10 downloads of icons a day. So anyone looking for a full icon pack has to pay on a monthly basis to their Subscription package at $8.25 / month (for 12 months) or $11.99 / month. Some users also report that clicking on a picture displays prompts to purchase or visit Stories for Freepik’s Paid plan. But, given that Freepik is a business, users will only have to live with it.


As one of the go-to sources for having free photographs in the last decade, Freepik soared to fame. In fact, without the “Built by Freepik” tag, you’d hardly find a blog post. Their archive has now expanded to contain more than a million pictures and is one of the leading sites for searching high-quality photographs. You’ll be spoilt for options if you’re looking for a picture in a common genre. We were able to select from about 50 common categories, including wildlife, food, exercise, dance, and others. There were about 100,000 photos in each of the groups, and others, like ‘company”, had almost 5 times that. But for less common types, could we find the same number of options? We looked for the word ‘physics’ to test this out, and the findings were mediocre. The first two results display generic estimates on a board, while the website lists over 47,000 results for the word.

Overall Users can easily find high quality images from Freepik across a variety of genres. 


For editors, marketing staff, and bloggers worldwide, Freepik’s third main feature is especially useful. T he site offers basic PSD designs that can be downloaded and modified using Adobe Photoshop. For several purposes, these edited layouts can be used. Paled in comparison to Photos or Vectors, while Freepik gives fewer PSD resources, users have little to worry about. They also have to choose from hundreds of thousands of templates. PSDs, including sketches, artefacts, and emails, are about 20 common categories, all of which can be useful tools.

For designers and publishers who don’t have to build from scratch, Freepik’s PSDs are a lifesaver. To get the perfect picture, they can easily import and edit components, saving hours of work for them. The catalogue of Freepik is detailed and also has designs for business cards, buttons, and logos.


Stories, where users can select from a variety of excellent and basic illustrations, are a new addition to Freepik ‘s website. It is possible to edit the colour, backdrop, foreground and individual elements of the sketches with ease. You can import them in either SVG or PNG format after editing.

By allowing users to animate the items inside an illustration, Freepik brings it to the next level. These animations are very straightforward. You may, for example, choose an animation to input a character or a background feature. To boost the illustration further, you can also incorporate looping animations such as shift, spin, or heartbeat. For each action, developers may also select the length of the animation and the pause. Even the user interface of the web is straightforward to grasp and easier to use. So, with Stories, even with the most common users can construct powerful animated illustrations.


  • Freepik is a fantastic forum for users to find the correct illustrations to match your forums, copies, or web pages.  Since 2010  then, it has become one of the most-used websites in the world.
  • Freepik provides millions of images, vectors, and PSDs. Even if specific images or graphics are inaccessible for lesser-known themes, it should not be difficult to locate a related one.
  • Finding and downloading resources is effortless for consumers. Premium users will make the most of an estimated 7 million+ services from Freepik.
  • Freepik is an outstanding forum for contributors to get started and explore one’s imagination. Signing up as a contributor is clear. Each consumer gets an equal opportunity to get accepted by the editors of Freepik. They will submit their content until approved and start earning money.


  • The download caps for free users are a big con for users. 3 downloads per day are enabled for non-registered free users, while registered users were able to download 10. This sum may be adequate for individuals, but it will not fulfil the needs for mass material.
  • A large number of consumer reviews have a poor experience with their services,  even though their Premium plans are reasonable. Other consumer issues are unreliable customer service and unhelpful customer support. Some users contend that their card details are saved by the site and subscriptions are renewed automatically. This is a significant problem and one that for many users can be a big turn-off.
  • The contributor model of Freepik could help some users. Others have reported, however, that the requirements for publication are too high. Even if designers get in, it is hard to maintain a good amount and after months of work, some contributors earn cents. If applied to become an exclusive artist, designers would be better off.


For almost all of the aforementioned features, you may have found that we listed “available for free”. It is because there is a free plan and a premium plan provided by Freepik. On Freepik, there are 3 kinds of users – unregistered free users, registered free users, and premium users. Non-registered free users are restricted to only 3 downloads a day and 10 downloads are restricted to registered free users.

100 resources a day can be downloaded by Premium users. This cap on premium users is intended to ensure that services are used responsibly. The timer at 23:59:59 GMT +02 is updated daily for all download limits. You get to choose among two monthly or annual Premium subscriptions. With the annual plan costing $99.00 for 12 months or $8.25 / month, and the monthly plan costing $11.99 every month, all of these plans are fairly priced.


It is obvious, after a thorough analysis, that Freepik is host to one of the most extensive libraries of graphical tools. Across various sectors, subjects, and designs, there are millions of visuals to choose from. It is a well-rounded instrument that allows individuals and marketing / social media teams to improve the visual appeal of their content quickly. If it comes to complex media content, the ability to simply select an image to easily download, edit, and publish is a lifesaver.

If Freepik is the right option for contributors is a preference that still is up in the air. For beginners or those looking to venture into technical illustration for the first time, Freepik’s Contributor Model is perfect. The platform is a great place to explore your innovation while still earning cash. However, like most freelance sites, the Contributor Model does not exclusively provide the income of a creator for the month. Also, it could not match the anticipated pay rates of an accomplished professional.

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