Jump Send Review – Successfully Grow Sales on Amazon

It’s well known that one of the biggest challenges of launching a product on Amazon is getting those initial sales and reviews for your product. You also need to boost your ranking so customers see your first when they search for specific products. Using a tool like Jump Send will help you launch products successfully as well as automate your sales growth.

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Jump Send is one of the easiest ways to launch a product and get reviews on Amazon. It is a platform that Amazon sellers can use to promote their products to over 100,000 ready-to-purchase shoppers and send follow up emails that encourage reviews. All within one easy-to-use tool! Don’t miss out on more sales, more reviews, and better customer service for your buyers by signing up for Jump Send today.

What exactly is Jump Send?

Jump Send is a tool which enables email automation and coupon distribution for Amazon sellers. It helps Amazon sellers to send personalized emails to organic buyers at specific times whenever a product has been confirmed, delivered or shipped. Sellers can also automate returns with targeted emails when refunds are initiated and ask for feedback.

What are the Features of Jump Send?

  • Jump Send Promotions to help loads of sellers get more sales and rank on top at Amazon.
  • Through promotional giveaways, sellers get increased sales velocity and thus increase their Amazon rank. This boost is for keywords that are relevant to you.

Promotional giveaways are when you offer big discounts for your product through deal sites like Jump Send

  • This higher ranking helps you grow organically.
  • Send personalized email campaigns at the right time with pre-made templates, or customize your own.
  • Use automated emails to prevent negative reviews. Get in touch with customers when a refund is initiated.
  • Provide additional value to your customers by including things like instruction manuals, recipes, ebooks, and more!
  • Check email sending data and find who’s received your emails.

How does Jump Send work?

Jump Send has a marketplace with over 100,000 shoppers who are actively looking for deals, there is also an auto-responder to communicate with those shoppers after a purchase of your product. Jump Send can be used in two ways. For product promotions via providing discounts. Second is email campaigns to increase sales.

For Product Promotions:

Product Promotions

  • After syncing your Amazon account, you should pick which product you’d like to run your promotion for.
  • Then choose some targeted keywords according to your business. Target most valuable keywords to give your product an additional boost in organic ranking.
  • Upload your Amazon coupons by copy-pasting into Jump Send.
  • Your promotion will get published at the Jump Send marketplace and customers can benefit from them.

For Email CampaignsJumpsend Amazon email campaigns

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  • Go to your Products page and set up products for your email campaign. You can select for as many products as your plan allows.
  • Create a campaign by choosing a template to select a product. Watch out for settings like the day you need to send etc. Set the trigger for the email and track the status as well.
  • Customize your email according to requirement.
  • Now you are ready with your email campaign.

The Jump Send Advantage

  • 100% Amazon Compliant
  • Shoppers are already familiar with using Amazon coupon codes
  • Stay ahead of the competition as Jump Send features are fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.
  • Supported by more marketplaces; you can send customer emails for your Amazon Seller Central accounts in USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Canada, France, Italy, and Germany.
  • Promote your product to over 100,000 shoppers on Jump Send.
  • Start today with a free trial
  • Get free resources like Product Launch Webinar and Growth Hacking Ebook.
  • Saves money on Facebook as well as Amazon ads
  • Planned promotions will help increase your sales velocity and rank on Amazon.


There are two kinds of billing- monthly and annual. With monthly billing, you have the following packages. Every single package comes with a 3-Day free trial. The biggest difference between each is the product limit for actively running campaigns and promotions.

  • Starter Plan ($29/month) – 3 product promotions
  • Entrepreneur ($59/month) – 10 product promotions
  • Business ($99/month) – 25 product promotions
  • Enterprise ($199/month) – 100 product promotions
    Enterprise Promotions

Get Started

  • Yearly Package

Yearly package

Get Started

The yearly package is slightly less expensive for every plan with almost the same features.

Is there a free Jump Send Trial?

Yes, there is a 3-day free trial.

Reviews on Jump Send

Jump Send Reviews

What can be improved on Jump Send?

  • While Jump Send seems great, wish they would improve on the following
  • There’s no incentive for shoppers to leave reviews. Also, there’s a likelihood you will likely get bad reviews, so the quality of your product is very important.
  • You can’t select the shoppers who will receive your discount code.
  • Jump Send doesn’t work with items like Kindle ebooks and some other product categories.
  • It does not work in all marketplaces but limited ones.

The Verdict

We feel the tool is the marketplace for Amazon sellers to run promotion campaigns and distribute coupons to help increase sales and boost rankings. It is affordable, easy to use and this makes it easy to run promotions and give out coupon codes. Since all the shoppers are genuine Amazon customers who know how to utilize coupons and give feedback as well, there’s a minimal hassle in that regard.

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