Know Intel’s New Technology –Optane Memory

We all know how good Intel is when it comes to their processors, but they’ve managed to impress us again with their foray into storage. Launched alongside their seventh generation Core – series processors, Optane Memory is based on an entirely new storage medium.

What is Optane Storage?

Optane Storage is based on hyper-fast memory modules.  It uses the 3D NAND fabrication techniques which theoretically are fast as RAM itself. It is said to achieve a super-low-latency as fast as 10 microseconds. This augments the performance of the primary storage. Optane uses memory manufactured by Intel in conjunction with specific hardware and software components on compatible motherboards.

Two forms of Optane are currently available

  • Optane SSDs
  • Optane Memory

Optane SSDs are available at a price of $130 for 113 GB of storage. Optane memory is a lot cheaper at $30 a stick. Optane memory in conjunction with a traditional HDD is two to three times faster. SDDs were around twice as fast.

Currently, Intel’s 8th generation CPUs also support both kinds of Optane. It is now being used in both desktops and laptops. So you can add SSD to your desktop and have a lot of storage with games and internet supercharged by the Optane memory. The Optane memory does not function as primary storage and is not a replacement for your storage drive.

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