ManyCam Review – Multitude Of Features In This Webcam Software

Video Conferencing is an important part of any business which allows us to collaborate with our team members.

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It is during such times you need a software which streams excellent and offers good clarity. One such software is ManyCam. This is a free webcam software as well as video switcher which allows you to enhance all your video chats and get amazing live streams on multiple platforms simultaneously. This is an excellent tool to use for business meetings. The best part is the live-streaming option which connects to both Facebook and Youtube and useful for connecting with business associates and colleagues.

What exactly is ManyCam?

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ManyCam is free webcam software that allows you to enhance your video chats and create amazing live streams on multiple platforms at the same time. It acts as a middleman for your webcam with any app you want to connect it to. This can be anything from a Skype video call, Facebook Live, etc. It taps into the cameras connected to your computer allowing you all sorts of controls. ManyCam can also be used to stitch multiple videos together, add text and do all sorts of effects in your video. It can also be used for fun chatting with friends, professional broadcasts, webinars and much more.

What are the Features of the software?

  • Record your screen or screencast desktop live
  • Supports 4K video from Multiple Video Sources
  • Add web pages to your live broadcast
  • Youtube integration
  • Amazing performance with high resolution
  • Change settings directly in the software
  • Customizable Layout
  • Picture in Picture
  • Green screen/Chroma key support
  • New 3D Face Masks, filters
  • Webcam Graphics/Effects
  • Create playlists and air them on live streaming websites

ManyCam allows you to record videos which you can show later, broadcast live video using multiple sources, as well as switch between audio sources. Pro users get full access to their library of some amazing ManyCam Pro audio and video effects. It also allows real-time addition of computer-generated special effects.

Who can avail the Services of ManyCam?

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For now, ManyCam can be used by the following people:

  • Education – Get your students engaged in creating a unique learning experience.
  • Business – Improve communications by delivering professional web conferences & presentations.
  • Telehealth – Enhance remote communication and online training.
  • Gaming – Live stream your favorite games on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms.
  • Mobile App – Stream high-quality videos on the go or add multiple devices for a professional setup.

How can you purchase the software?

You can download it for free from their website and there are paid versions as well.

For individuals, you have 3 plans – Standard, Studio, and Premium.

  • Standard – Billed at $29 annually, you can use it for one device with no ManyCam watermark.
  • Studio – This version costs $59 and has the following facilities. Use upto 2 devices, with 12 sources and 4K video.
  • Premium – This costs $79 which is billed annually. Includes 3 devices, 24 sources, and 4K video!

The Business Plans are also 3 in number.

  • ENTERPRISE 3 costing $119
  • ENTERPRISE 5 costing $199
  • ENTERPRISE 10 version costing $279

The numbers indicate the number of users allowed.

Schools also have a special package available at 25% off.

Depending on your need for video sources as well as how many devices you need to activate, you have many options to choose from. The ManyCam software is available for Mac, Windows & even a mobile version that interacts with the desktop platform.

Customer Care

You have many options to help you write from set-up to troubleshooting the software. They give you Demo videos, How-To videos, FAQs and User Guides. Besides you can send a message to their help desk to which they reply promptly and can engage with their community on Twitter, Facebook or their blog.

Customer Reviews

ManyCam Reviews


The feature of supporting multiple video sources as well as ease to transition makes the app worth it in itself. It also offers text titles, lower thirds, and so on. It works with all series of apps you typically use a webcam on like Youtube and even Skype calls. Therefore ManyCam is excellent as a multiple Webcam manager. It is also a security center, a broadcast studio, as well as a post-production facility.

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