OnePlus Plans Second Headquarters in India

India is a global hub for all electronic gadgets. Considering prime factors like our population and density, the penetration of mobiles is nothing but normal. Smartphone, in particular, is a hot favorite in the Indian market. This has made India a battlefield for global mobile manufacturers. Many top companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Gionee, and Intex have set up their large factories and manufacturing units here for making original equipment. Companies have started their manufacturing process here, for example,-

  • Samsung has started the world’s largest mobile phone production unit in Noida
  • Xiaomi has also put forth the plan of three new plants

Taking the cue from these giants, OnePlus has also joined the bandwagon. OnePlus is a premier company with good sales figures and is gearing up to set up its second global headquarters in India. It is marketed by BBK Electronics Corporation (Guangdong, China) and plans to open by the end of this calendar year in South India.

Why has OnePlus chosen India as its second HQ?

  • According to IDC’s Mobile Phone Tracker report, OnePlus has a 48% share in the online mobile phone sales
  • The large Indian market for smartphones which accounts for over1/3 of the total revenue
  • Availability of local talent
  • Presence of Government support through schemes like Make In India
  • The scope for research and development through incubation centers
  • An existing brand value in the market
  • An existing online(Amazon) and offline presence

They even have plans for setting up an R&D center which can take a headcount of over 50 employees to promote local manufacturing. It will also establish more service centers for assisted repairing and functioning. They are also planning on opening five offline centers to experience the mobile facilities and record user experience. OnePlus recently became the number one premium smartphone brand in India, even crossing Apple, the brand that inspires it. Since OnePlus commands so much share in the Indian market, it has become pertinent for brands like OnePlus to take that plunge and have a local unit. This will only set precedence for growth beyond what it has already achieved. According to the counterpoint report, OnePlus 5T is its best seller for almost two quarters consistently and has more so contributed to the move of setting up its unit here.

The founder and CEO of OnePlus, Lau, opine that the Indian market is super important and that is why the second headquarters and an R&D unit would come up here. This will do more than providing employment in India and establish India’s position as a gadget-friendly nation.

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