Shift Review

A Smart Workstation 

For starters, Shift, an application backed by the idea that a smart workstation can add up to the productivity of an individual. Today each working individual has to manage multiple accounts and manage different workflows at work and juggling with various accounts, apps, tasks and workflows hold them back from unleashing their true potential. The Shift was designed to overcome this issue.

What makes Shift so accessible??

The Shift is a simple smartest hassle-free way to manage multiple tasks, email accounts, apps, workflows, etc. at the same time without mixing everything up. It saves your time and energy from logging in and out of different email accounts or struggling with multiple tabs. The Shift is one spot where you can place all that you need, and you can work efficiently, and the transition from one account to other or from one app to other is so fast and smooth that you will never think of working without it. Other than management and transitions of different apps, accounts, workflows, the whole app interface is so fantastic that its a treat to work with Shift.

You can connect all the popular apps you use in your day to day life like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Slack, Evernote, Asana, Hangout, Trello, Linkedin, Twitter Facebook Messenger. When it comes to working smart, you can not avoid the addons which make our life much more comfortable like Grammarly, LastPass, Zoom Scheduler, Boomerang, Dropbox for Gmail, Todoist, etc.

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Pricing Comparison

There are similar applications in the market which levels up the game. Shift’s yearly plan is worth $99.99 per year. Let’s have a look through a few popular apps and in the same category along with their rates:

  • JIRA- Costs $10 per month.
  • mHelpDesk- Costs $169 per month
  • Trello- Costs $ 9.99 per month
  • Wrike- Costs $9.80/month/user
  • ClickUp- Costs $5.00/month/user
  • Costs $8.00/month/user
  • SmartSheet- Costs $14.00/month/user
  • Airtable- Costs $12.00/month/user

Basic (Free Version) v/s Advanced (Paid Version)

Basic Version allows you to:

  • Charges $0 only
  • Allows Up to 2 Accounts (Gmail, Inbox, Outlook)
  • ‘Sent with Shift’ (for every email)- Cannot be removed
  • Multi-Account Access is granted
  • Desktop Notifications cannot be muted
  • Cross-Platform Support (Windows, Mac & Linux) is provided
  • You can add only 1 Free App

Advanced Version Features:

  • Starts at $99.99 per year
  • Allows Unlimited Accounts (Gmail, Inbox, Outlook)
  • Remove ‘Sent with Shift'(for every email)
  • Multi-Account Access
  • Desktop Notifications Mutable
  • Cross-Platform Support (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Added Google Services, Enable Chrome Extensions, Unified Search

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Why Shift should be on your MUST TRYs?

  • Hassle-Free – Working with multiple accounts. Apps and workflows will feel so easy n smooth.
  • All you need to do is click- Exactly, and you get everything you need with just a click.
  • Exciting Features- there are a lot of appealing and user-friendly features like the latest focused Web feature, Dark and light mode, which helps user customise the app according to their comfort.
  • Free Trial- Free trail features one of the favourites where the user gets a chance to experience and get accustomed to the app before actually investing in it.

Well, everything has their pros and cons, we already have told you about the Pros now let’s walk you down through the drawbacks.

  • The Pricing- One of the biggest concern, the yearly plan will cost you $99, which feels way too expensive when similar apps offer similar features at relatively low prices.
  • Bugs- There are a few bug issues reported by previous users. The Shift team is resolve the problem.

In the free version of the app Shift, a “Send with Shift” signature is added to all the emails you send and its only the paid plan where you can turn off this signature.

Summing up Everything

The Shift is one place to rule and keep a tab on every app and account that you use. Everyone must try Shift at least once to experience the hassle-free easy workstation.  Let us know your views about THE SHIFT in the comment section below.

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