Chrome OS Vs Windows Laptops: Which Operating System Is Better For You

Chrome OS Vs Windows Laptops

Choosing the right operating system is an age-old problem. Earlier, one had to choose between Windows or Mac computer. Now, Google’s Chrome books add to the list. They each offer a different experience to the consumer. Let us see them in detail- What is Chrome OS? Chrome OS is a Linux-based system conceptualized and developed … Read more

How to Make Maximum Money by Blogging


Blogs, be it personal or commercial, are an excellent way of connecting with people. When it’s a commercial blog, you can get more connections and market your products and services. A private blog helps you put across your views, share your experiences and exchange opinions. Now, how about making money from your blog? It’s really … Read more

10 Must-Know iPhone Hacks and Tricks


All you iPhone addicts out there, we’re pretty sure you know many handy tricks on the iPhone and have great fun deploying them too! Now with iOS 12 on the dock too, we are sure you had a great time experimenting. However, chances are you might have missed a few tricks up your sleeve in … Read more

ARKit 2 on iOS 12: Enhanced Capabilities in Augmented Reality


One of the key features of the iOS 12 introduced by Apple is ARKit 2. ARKit 2, the latest version on iOS 12 provides unparalleled augmented reality experiences like never before. There are enhanced capabilities like 3D object detection, shared AR spaces and so on. ARKit 2 enables your AR apps to be experienced simultaneously … Read more

iOS12 – What Do We Get This Time


Apple made an official announcement about iOS 12 at the WWDC18. The update will bring some much-needed changes to the iPhones and iPads. The company is focusing on enhancing devices’ performance and making things easier for its customers. The old devices are said to get increased speed and smoother experience. Let’s have a quick look … Read more

Keep Up With Technology In 2018

Technology Trends

We are in the middle of 2018, in the middle of world growing faster and faster, in the middle of people and cities becoming more and more advanced and in the middle of technology taking over the world. Technology has changed people’s lifestyles drastically over the years. From using gadgets for work depending on Artificial … Read more

Know Intel’s New Technology –Optane Memory

Optane memory

We all know how good Intel is when it comes to their processors, but they’ve managed to impress us again with their foray into storage. Launched alongside their seventh generation Core – series processors, Optane Memory is based on an entirely new storage medium. What is Optane Storage? Optane Storage is based on hyper-fast memory … Read more

Apple iPhone 8 RED Special Edition now Available for Sale in India

Iphone 8

Here’s good news for all Apple fans in India. You can purchase Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus(PRODUCT) RED Editions now, through authorised Apple sellers. Set to be launched in May this year, the launch time was earlier than expected, and you can opt for the Red Edition  64GB and 256GB variants. The … Read more