The 1st Operational Self-flying Cars are less than 5 years –  Boeing CEO

Who doesn’t love the sight of flying cars as we saw in the Harry Potter series? And when these cars are actually autonomous, it seems like a futuristic innovation which belongs to the stuff of fantasy. These self-driving cars are set to take to the sky in the next 5 years.

According to the Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, the company has long had a vision for flying cars and the importance of safety measures. The company has already built prototypes and they expect them to fly within the year.

He asks you to imagine a future city with its vastness of flying taxis and flying cars and the future of such a city is very near. According to him, they are also investing in the ecosystem that makes way for safe operations and reliability.

The full vision of self-flying cars shipping individuals through busy urban zones will take longer than five years to acknowledge, Muilenburg stated, yet vehicles that begin with more basic functions like freight and cargo aren’t far away.

The ecosystem to deal with this new technique for travel incorporates improved air traffic control. Not long ago, Boeing collaborated with Austin-based SparkCognition to create AI and BlockChain technologies for tracking and coordinating flying cars through traffic based corridors.

Muilenburg wouldn’t state where these modern cars would be tried, however, he said that environment would be a “similar case” to Airbus’ Vahana flying-taxi proving ground in Pendleton, Ore. Testing self-flying cars require devoted airspace and a fleet of approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration.

A month ago, Boeing reported that the advancement of autonomous air vehicles would be the focal point of another research center to be opened in Cambridge, Mass. Indeed, even before its procurement, Aurora was building up an electric-controlled, vertical-take-off and-landing device for Uber’s proposed air taxi benefit.

Regardless of the years it takes, self-driving cars are set to hum above the city boulevards and roadway and Boeing is going all out to ensure it happens. According to Muilenburg, “That work is underway; this is a transformation that is going to happen faster than many of us might have thought a couple years ago, and we are on the leading edge,”.

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