Weglot Review

A Platform-Independent Website Translation Solution

Weglot is a potent translational tool that transforms multilingual translations for your website. Now there are so many tools to optimise your site and make it useful for users. Like we all admit the power of good quality content for a website whenever we talk about increasing the volume of the target audience on the site and holding them. But there is one more factor, language. Providing quality content in the native language works wonders. 

About Weglot:

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Weglot was initially designed in France back in 2016 as a small project. Now, Weglot has gain popularity for translating any website, including WordPress, Shopify, and any other CMS in just a few minutes. For translating the WordPress site, the user needs to download Weglot plugin from its Weglot Official website. Once the previous step is complete Weglot plugin integrates into the WordPress, and the final step is choosing the language and content, and within minutes you can notice the transformation.

Features Offered:

Some of the most demanded features from WordPress Translation plugin are-  

  • Automatic translation
  • Manual Professional Translation
  • Multilingual SEO optimisation, etc

In addition to all these features, Weglot is

  • One of the easiest and lightest plugins available in the market globally and unlike other translation plugins, you don’t have to download multiple language packs for translation. All you need to do is adjust the settings and set the initial and final language, and that’s it.
  • It is platform-independent; therefore, even if your website is on different platforms, Weglot can work without any problem, and the best part is that user can manage all of it from a single account.
  • Weglot has Visual Editor for Manual Translation which is used when you want to make any changes to the automatic translations. You can do the editing right from the front end of the website using Visual Editor.
  • Another striking feature of Weglot is Professional Translation. Using this feature, you can order for professional translation of your content. Charges for the translation is €0.15/word, and the selected content will be updated to your website within 48 hours.

Plans & Pricing:

Weglot currently offers these five plans along with 14 days free trial for every plan.

  1. Starter Plan.
  2. Business Plan
  3. Pro Plan
  4. Advances Plan
  5. Enterprise Plan

Along with all the amazing features, there are few factors which encourage the user to rethink about Weglot. Those factors are-

  • Pricing- One of the most significant factor. Weglot is considered to be costly, and this might turn down some users from using it.
  • Ownership- This is a very tricky point and a very important one too. It is unclear whether after the subscription ends and is not renewed whether or not the previously translated content will be available on the website or not.

Writer’s Note:

In a nutshell Weglot, without a doubt is an outstanding product and anybody who has the budget and wants to make their website more appealing to the users must go for it. Tell us about your experience with Weglot.

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